Benefits of Car Detailing

car detailing in Perth

Anyone who has purchased a car remembers the feeling of pride and prestige that comes with it. In the first few months, you probably took extreme measures to keep your car clean and protected. But, inevitably, the novelty wears off. Neglect sets in, and before you know it, your car resembles something from the salvage yard. It's going to take some expertise to get it back to its former glory.

Here are some benefits of car detailing:

Renew and Protect Your Car's Exterior

It doesn't take long for your car's paint to become dull, faded, and pitted. Buffing, polishing, and waxing can help restore the luster, remove scratches, and prevent rust. Consider applying a paint protector for improved longevity of your finish. Many places that offer car detailing can also do paint touch-up, wheel cleaning, and tyre dressing. 

A Fresh and Sanitary Interior

A clean car interior doesn't just look better, it is more hygienic. Dirt and grime builds up on steering wheels, knobs, handles - all of the places you regularly touch. Think of the things that you put on the floors of your car - purses, bags, and more - that pick up dirt that is then carried into your home. Shampooing your carpet and upholstery will not only remove dirt and stains, but also the germs that are in them. A cleaner interior will also smell fresher and make for a more pleasant ride!

Increased Resale Value

Much of the value of your car lies in its appearance. Cars that present well are likely to sell faster and at a higher price. Potential buyers are more likely to purchase a car that has obviously been well-maintained. When looking for professional car detailing, try to find one that offers a "pre-sale" detailing package.

A Clean Car is a Safer Car

Dirt, streaks, bug splats, and rain spots on your windows can greatly decrease your visibility. Cloudy or dirty side and rearview mirrors can be a driving hazard. Oxidation build up on your car's headlights can decrease their brightness by up to 80%. Proper attention must be paid to these areas. Most auto detailers offer headlight restoration and know how to get your glass crystal clean.

Whether you do it yourself, or find professional car detailing, regular maintenance of your car's interior and exterior is vital. To find a car that you can be proud to own and care for in Perth, visit