Hyundai’s Intrado Promises Revolutionary Breakthrough?

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Auto Show season is upon us. This entails an onslaught of design breakthroughs to set the car industry ablaze. Not surprisingly, Korean automaker and master hype marketer Hyundai is gunning for the flamethrower crown as it introduces a new fuel-cell concept to the world. Promising the unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2014, Hyundai states the concept "has the potential to change the way cars are constructed in the future."

Here are the details:

  • Design Language - Based on Hyundai's Fluid Sculpture 2.0, the inspiration for this new car is reportedly from the underside of an airplane wing. What car buyers are promised with is smaller architecture and, as Hyundai President Peter Schreyer explains, "… a motoring future that encapsulates the efficiency and freedom associated with flying." So it feels likeflight, but obviously no cloud-surfing is in the works. Is it just clever marketing speak?

  • Style and Substance - Hyundai assures a radically new philosophy built on purposeful styling with coupe-esque muscular lines and oversized wheels. They also tout the use of advanced materials to produce the concept car, specifically a fuel cell that is much lighter than their current ix35 fuel model. One may wonder, "What kind of fuel cell?"

  • Eco-Savior? - Ah, so here it is. The possible reveal: Hydrogen! It is a fuel cell that promises limitless possibilities if executed properly. There have been cost-cutting technological advancements and the promise of generating power by removing carbon monoxide from the energy conversion process. However, experts have unanimously stated that this hydrogen fuel will never be powered by internal combustion engines the way that only aircraft are able to. Therefore, the name inspiration being drawn from an airplane wing … Coincidence?

If this is the case, Hyundai might have created a way to power an engine through hydrogen. This is truly remarkable but not so far-fetched as only the infrastructure was missing. Hyundai is hinting at an advancement in which an infrastructure is finally conceived to mass-market a highly scalable energy source. The naming link couldn't possibly be just a coincidence. Fuel cell technology has been heralded by experts as the future of renewable energy. However, doubters had expressed it would require a miracle to make such a thing feasible. Perhaps Hyundai has developed an innovation which will silence the naysayers once and for all? Undoubtedly, we will find out on March 4th.

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