Risk Free Consignment of Your Car

consign car perth

The growing business of re selling the cars have mark the advent of many a new companies which in the garb of selling you new shiny vehicles sell you vehicles which are below ordinary and risk your safety in doing so. Cars can be consigned quite easily but a lot of risk is involved. Majorly, the dealers don't communicate with you once they get the possession of your car and make little effort to sell it. Even if they sell, they shoot up their profit margins leaving for you only a little amount. Many dealers who initially convince you to consign your car, later on make blatant excuses for not paying you the due sum.

We understand the pressure on your side to not deal in car consignment but if you are a careful operator and understand the business of Consigning cars, you will give it a second thought in dealing with us. We are licensed dealers authorized to operate in this business. As soon as we get the possession of your car, we take out insurance in our name and check to it as to when it expires. So any liability arising afterwards will be borne by us taking off the pressure from you.

We make sure that we readily have all the necessary documents and try to sell off the car to the new owner without any delay. We try and sell your car at the best price possible and bear all the necessary advertising cost, repairing, finance so that the new purchasers are willing to buy it. Assure yourself of the best marketing for your car which will fetch great response.

Advertising, Finance And Warranty

At KS Motor Company from Perth, we assure you of displaying your car with enhanced finishing and in an ambience that you will definitely cherish. There will be inspection carried out from time to time to conceive what your car requires and your car would be ready for sale at any given point.

We also provide easy finance scheme for the new purchaser and don't seek sky high prices for your vehicle but that doesn't mean we shall compromise with its expected market price.

Other facilities such as warranty, regular repairing, insurance and easy transfer is also provided to lessen the hustle involved in the business of consignment of cars.

We are not one of the dealers who think that if the car is consigned, you lose control over it, we will provide you with all the updates regularly.