Top 3 Tips for Test Driving a Used Car

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Don't let anybody tell you otherwise-you're smart if you buy it used. The used car market could nab you a steal if you know how to check for its mechanical wellness. Replacement parts are very expensive. Keep in mind that used car dealers provide different warranties and buying from a private seller means there is no warranty at all. Save yourself motoring costs in the long run by spotting potential problems before the purchase. These three pointers will provide you with a surefire bargain and a shiny new ride without buyer's remorse.

1. Test Drive It - Twice!

Arrange two drives, one in the evening and the other during a rainy day. A nighttime drive can identify a cheap windshield from another car's incoming headlights. A cheap windshield potentially means a replacement for a wrecked car given a new paint job in order to deceive you. Also, a test drive during rain can reveal broken seals for the doors and the trunk. Nobody wants a leaking automobile. Again, broken seals may suggest a wrecked car. Test drive the car for personal evaluation.

2. Before the Test Drive

You can identify a problem car before you even turn on the engine. Before getting inside of the vehicle, check the tires. Do they match in brand? Is the wear even? Look under the car for fluid leaks and ripples on the sides which may signal a need for body repairs. Check the hinges and look under the carpet for rust.

3. Diversity is the Spice of Life

See how it performs in a variety of situations, including highways, hectic thoroughfares, dirt trails, and narrow streets. Examine the steering wheel and the brakes by performing U-Turns and parallel parking it to challenge the vehicle's maneuverability. You may spot a strange humming from the engine whenever the car swerves left or strange beeps if you press down the accelerator too quickly. Test the gears to the absolute limit or find out their shortcomings when it's too late. Be sure to drive above 60 miles per hour and longer than 20 minutes to hear sounds and feel vibrations which may prove problematic later on.

Automobiles are being created with more durability and reliability today. They last longer for every owner. However, a hasty purchase can cost you more than the discount of buying a used machine because of unforeseen trips to the mechanic later. Spend extra time during the test drive so you don't inherit a previous owner's car problems.

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