This is the Day He Buys a BMW

BMW in Perth

There's a man in Perth, Australia. This man owns a small, junky car. He wakes up and his first thoughts are about coffee. He summons the inner inertia to drag his still-tired body out of bed. He gets as far as the coffee machine. His caffeinated savoir is brewing itself to perfection and he thinks about the upcoming commute to work.

He thinks about the feeling that he gets when he drives his car. He thinks about traffic. He thinks about the stained passenger seat. He thinks about the way the radio cuts in and out, the way the steering wheel pulls slightly to the left, the heavy smell of the engine. This man is melancholy. He feels this way until he remembers that today is the day he goes car shopping.

This is the Day He Buys a BMW 

He grew up reading car magazines. His dad was a car enthusiast and retired salesman. His father knew and talked about the BMW's reputation. He and his father would be driving through the city and his father would say something along the lines of a sales pitch: "Son, if you are shopping for a car in or near your area, and you're looking for the best vehicle at the best price, then you keep your eyes peeled for a BMW dealership. Spend the right amount of money on a good car and you'll get where you're going."

These were the advantages that constantly recurred in his mind:

  • Design

  • Cost

  • On-road Performance

Cost was a concern for this man. After work, the man drove to the dealership for a BMW. After 8 hours in an office cubicle, the man was especially wary of the money he was about to spend. The man introduced himself to the dealer, talked casually for a while, and then expressed his spending concerns.

The man remembers the dealer saying something like this: "If you're nervous about the risk involved in such a big investment, ask any BMW owner. I dare you. But be prepared! BMW owners tend to be a passionate crowd. It is a crowd of car owners who know what they want in a vehicle."

BMW provides the driving experience that people chase - great handling, modern features, plus a sturdy and resilient build that, with the right care, will last its owners a long time.

BMW distinguishes its vehicles from others with design engineering that channels motorsport technology. Having received many of Australia's coveted automobile awards, BMW has a reputation for balance and precision. There is rear-wheel drive in every two-wheel drive vehicle, so the front of the car handles steering while the rear handles power. The 50-50 weight distribution of the vehicle ensures there is no heavy front or rear.

The number of reported breakdowns by BMWs is lower than that of all competitors! Drawing on this data, the FN50 survey recently named BMW the most reliable automobile brand. Statistics like this make the BMW seem like a great option for drivers in all weather and road conditions.

More drivers are being attracted to BMW due to some of the environmentally-conscious engineering. In Perth, Australia, for example, the number of BMWs on the road is steadily increasing. New concepts such as hybrid, all-electric, and hydrogen-powered vehicles are assisting this trend, with BMW leading the automobile industry in many of its design, customer satisfaction, and emissions standards.

The salesman finished his pitch and the man was impressed. He bought the car. 

Another BMW

There is a man in Perth, Australia. When he wakes up in the morning and the first thing he thinks about is his car. And for the first time in a long time, he is excited for the day to begin.

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