Why Jaguar’s First SUV Matters

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After Ford sold car brand Jaguar to Tata Motors in 2008, industry insiders have noted a significant shift in design language. In the U.S. market, the Jaguar is still considered a niche purchase, however, the British manufacturer is looking to woo American buyers who've brought countless of Cadillac, Lexus, and BMW SUVs. They believe the Jaguar name will appeal to commercial buyers and aims to elevate the Jaguar from its limited prospects. Ultimately, Tata Motors is creating a new future for Jaguar-one where the brand becomes a powerhouse outside of its luxury market.

Why the SUV to expand its model range? 4 reasons:

  1. The Ultimate Test - There is no historical precedence at all. They have never done a vehicle like this. The global response to the first Jaguar SUV will speak volumes. It is a changing landscape. A decade ago, the model was considered an antithesis to the luxury name. Tata Motors is testing the waters. How far can they push the market without losing its reputation as a highbrow brand?

  2. It's Practical - Everyone wants an SUV. It is the biggest segment for car buyers in the world. They want the numbers to speak for themselves. Nothing like a profit to prove a point and the bottom line is what sets the trends. What better way to start an evolution other than the fastest growing premium-sector?

  3. It's a Design Study - The SUV will introduce Jaguar's all-new aluminum monocoque architecture called "iQA1" . With this, Jaguar undergoes a complete transformation of all its workings under the surface. Modular and flexible, the success of this material can greenlight production for a wide array of models and derivatives.

  4. It's a Design Revolution - Traditionalists had every right to worry. The Jaguar's "low-slung" look is iconic. It's difficult to picture such outsized dimensions from a brand that boasted sleekness as an art form. However, the press are warming to the idea thanks to iQA1 allowing the design to bypass the constraints of chassis architecture. In a nutshell, they've done the impossible. The first Jaguar SUV actually looks like a Jag.

Old timers will undoubtedly scoff. The Jaguar is considered the most traditional of sports cars. However, times are a-changing and cash must be a-flowing. All their rivals are cashing in on the SUV phenomenon and, unfortunately, Jaguar remains a low-volume manufacturer. Thankfully, all that will change if the iQA1 architecture succeeds with their new SUV model. More products in the showroom equals cross-pollination in the markets and accelerated revenue growth. To move forward, they have to go bigger. Literally.

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